Mycotoxin in San Antonio Tx Lab

Understanding the Dangers of Mold and How to Control it

Dangers of Mold and Controlling it Mold is a fungus found everywhere in indoor as well as outdoor environment around us. Both the terms are usually used reciprocally. There are many species of mold and their persistent growth and exposure to mold can cause adverse health and dampness. Mold release air, water, or insect-borne spores […]

San Antonio Black Mold Removal

Black Mold Exposure and Removal

Black Mold Exposure and Its Remediation   Mold is types of fungi that self-replicate very quickly in warm and humid areas. They are mostly found in houses and not only do they destroy the beauty of your house but they can also lead to deadly health disorders. There are different types of mold, out of […]

How Mold Can Effect Your Brain

Can You Get Brain Damage from Mold? Mold may be just tiny organisms but they are capable of causing mild to serious health problems. Individuals, however, vary on how much they are affected when exposed to mold. Some molds produce mycotoxins. Mycotoxins are irritants, allergens, and toxic chemical substances produced by mold. Vulnerable people can […]

Estimation of Mold Remediation Cost

How Much is it Going to Cost Me to Remove Mold from my House or Business? Mold infestation at home or in the office is not a pleasant experience to live with. There are many repercussions for continuously living with this conditions. The harshest consequences happen to be health related. Living with mold infestation can […]

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