10 Health Risks of Toxic Mold

How Much Mold Exposure is Harmful?

Any individual who lives in an area with a relative humidity that exceeds 55% is very liable to any health risk associated with toxic molds. How much mold exposure is harmful?

Any quantity of exposure to mold is never ideal. However, there is no line that is defined to which mold becomes toxic beyond.

This is mainly because people from different walks of life and possessing different traits possess varying levels of tolerance to mold.

People have very different levels of exposure to mold that they can tolerate and this is a factor of their immune system and age.

Essentially, this means infants and young children are more susceptible to mold effects compared to individuals who are older.

Exposure can be described as a person coming into contact with mold through eating, breathing or even skin absorption.

How much mold exposure is harmful? It depends on an individual. If you suspect you have mold, have a Mold Remediation Company take a look…

Toxic Mold

Black mold also referred to as Stachybotrys Chartarumis a toxic mold with a greenish-black color.

It is found all over the globe and is known for its high affinity to cellulose material like thermal insulation, ceiling tiles, fiber-board,wall paper, carpet, dry wall, wet leaves, hay and straw. It is a very toxic mold hence a major health risk.

Black toxic mold has close to 15 different species worldwide. It should be noted that it does not grow on ceramic tiles, concrete products, vinyl or plastic. It is wet and slimy to touch prior to drying up.

Toxic molds like black mold exist in both commercial and residential areas especially those with incidences of flooding.

Other possible environments are those with house water leaks, conductive condensation and plumbing failures.

Health Risks

When an individual is exposed to mold for long periods, it adversely takes a toll on their health and this is undesirable.

There are several health risks that are associated with prolonged exposure to toxic mold, the 10 main ones are as listed below:

•Flu-like symptoms and headaches.

•Sore throats.


•Psychological depression.

•Chronic fatigue.


•Hair loss.

•Suppression of immune system that results in several infections.

•Nose bleeds.

•Pulmonary hemosiderosis or pulmonary hemorrhage

The health risks listed above are far from exhaustive as there are many others.

Mold Cleanup Tampa

It should be noted that some of the health risks are dependent on predisposing health history, genetic disposition and chemical sensitivity.

Mold should not be removed by inexperienced people because of the health risks associated with that kind of exercise.


It is best to be mindful of any continuous health problems that you might be having in your environment.

If it proving difficult to find the root of the problems then you might be dealing with mold and this is very risky as earlier mentioned because it might not be visible to the naked eye.

Conducting routine visual inspections by experts is your best chance of identifying toxic mold and properly managing them.

Accredited laboratories help with the identification of toxic and non-toxic molds.

Health is wealth, take care of yours by responsibly manage the health risks of toxic mold that have been listed above.

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