Aureobasidium Mold

Mold is a common occurrence in places with high humidity and moisture levels. Mold is very dangerous to human beings and it is very notorious to remove from the house once it is established.

This is because of the prolific production and dissemination of the spores, the means by which it reproduces. To effectively remove mold from your house, it is therefore important to ensure that you perform several cleaning routines that are closely spaced to remove all mold before it sporulates.

What is Aureobasidium?

This is a type of mold that occurs in humid areas. Generally, it appears as a blackish or yeast-like substance on the soil, on walls and even on plants. In the first stages of establishment and development, the color of the mold is roughly pink or cream and it appears slimy. With time, as it approaches maturity and reproduction, the color gradually changes to black or dark brown.

As such, the mold is also commonly referred to as black mold or toxic mold. However, since there are different types of molds that manifest the same characteristics, it may be quite difficult or impossible to conclusively diagnose and identify the mold by merely observing its characteristics. It is usually not very important or necessary to test the mold to conclusively identify it because most of the diseases and health conditions arising from mold in the house are similar and control measures are also the same.

Health effects of This Type of Mold to Humans

The mold is known to cause several serious diseases in humans and this is the reason why it is particularly important to ensure that you clear the mold from your house immediately you spot it.

Some of the health problems that are associated with the toxic mold or black mold include the following:

•Respiratory problems
This is the most common health issue that is associated with mold. Just like all other molds, the black mold reproduces by the production of spores that are very tiny and thus disseminated through an air current. As such, it is possible for humans to breathe these spores and the process is facilitated by the presence of air conditioning systems and it is impossible to detect these spores because they are microscopic in size. Once they enter the respiratory system, they can cause coughing, sneezing, sore throats, itchy and watery eyes and shortness of breath among other symptoms. People with asthma can experience worsening of their already bad condition.

•Skin problems
This is another health effect that can be associated with mold in houses. Some people, especially those that have sensitive skin can experience irritation, inflammations, swelling, and even rashes when their skin comes into contact with the mold or spores. The symptoms vary from one person to another depending on their individual condition. For example, the elderly and young babies may experience more severe symptoms compared to the rest of the people in the room.

How to remove Aureobasidium Mold

You can either hire specialists to remove the mold from your home or you could do it yourself. When doing it for yourself, you should consult on the detergents and cleaning materials you need to dust your house with for maximum efficiency in mold remediation products. It is very important that you wear protective clothing from gloves to respiratory masks and even goggles. This is because the cleaning process will automatically stir up the spores leading to their release into the air exposing you to infection when you come into contact with them or breathe them in.

After you have done cleaning for the molds several times, you can request for inspection of the house to ensure that you got the entire mold colony. You can also get to learn the different methods and steps to follow to prevent re-occurrence of the mold in your house.


Having mold in your house may be a very scary experience for you but it is completely normal especially if the room or house is very humid. There are different types of mold but they all case the same effects on humans and the diagnosis is not very essential when deciding on how to get rid of the mold. Even though the spores are microscopic, you can know if there is mold in your house when you experience the symptoms indicated above. Ensure that you visit the doctor immediately and get treated to ensure that the conditions do not worse. Also ensure that you promptly clean your house of any mold immediately it is spotted.

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