Nightlife in Austin Texas

When confronted with the concept of the Austin Texas nightlife, the first thing that tends to pop into the average vacationers mind is saloons, cowboy hats and barroom brawls. Contrary to popular belief, that might have been the case a hundred years ago, but as far as the nightlife in Austin goes today, it is considered by many to be the cutting edge of clubbing, dancing, and the nighttime party crowd. The days of Miss Kitty’s old western saloon are over with. The Austin nightlife has a good solid grip on modern adult party and entertainment options.

Austin, Texas may be known as the live music capital of the world, but there’s more to love about the nightlife than great music – though there’s plenty of that to go around. In addition to the many nightclubs that feature live music, there are many festivals that take place throughout the city that last well into the night each year. However, if you’re not willing to wait for the next festival or want to find somewhere fun to dance the night away after the last notes of the festivals die down, there are plenty of Austin night clubs, pubs, bars, and dives to keep you occupied.

Laughter is a great cure for whatever ails you. These comedy clubs are a great way to beat the heat and humidity of an Austin summer night while having a good laugh in the process. The best comedy clubs in Austin include National Comedy Theater, Esther’s Follies, Capital City Comedy Club, Heroes of Comedy, and Bad Dog Comedy Theater.

People have different kinds of wants, needs, and interests when it comes to nightlife. Some men out there are more interested in seeing some show when they head out for the evening. Austin is filled with clubs that offer fascinating shows to those who are looking.

Some of these clubs include Perfect 10, O Cabaret, Expose Nite Club, Palazio Gentleman’s Club, Crazy Lady, and Doll House. Each club offers a little something different. You can have a lot of fun by learning a little more about everyone as you check them all out one at a time. Try one. Try them all. You’re sure to have a good time and a great view either way.

While live music is one thing that’s on the minds of many who pay a visit to Austin, Texas, there’s something else that’s on the minds of people who visit Austin:

Food. Austin offers a wide selection of bar and grills to choose from. Homer’s Bar and Grill is a great place to unwind with a game of darts, watch your favorite sports team, or enjoy a nice pilsner of one of their 20 beers on tap. Hyde Park Bar and Grill is another great place to enjoy great food, good company, and a wide range of onstage events to keep customers happy. The Boulevard Bar and Grill is sure to be another great hit for you to enjoy dinner and good times with friends or someone special.

Of course, for many travelers to the fair city of Austin, dancing is the real order of the evening. That’s why it’s so important to find a few of Austin’s favorite dance clubs where you can kick up your heels a bit and have a good time. Kiss and Fly, located in Austin’s warehouse district, considers itself to be the finest in upscale Austin Nightclubs. There’s plenty of dancing going on and even a smoking patio for guests to enjoy. For a complete 180, Midnight Rodeo was once home to 84 Lumber Company. That building is now packed with the finest in entertainment, and dance Austin, Texas has to offer. Saturday night features early dance lessons so be sure to bring your boots along.

Austin Texas is nothing if not a city that strongly believes in and supports diversity. This selfsame diversity can be seen throughout every aspect of this legendary metropolis, even in that of the nightlife. If you have a favorite type of club, regardless if it is country, hip hop, rap, rock, jazz, or even the legendary Jamaican reggae, you can be sure to find it in Austin.

When you walk into this environment, you will not feel like you stand out in your cowboy hat and Levi jeans, as many of the patrons will be decked out in similar styles. The music is all country favorites from as far back as the 1970’s all the way up to today.
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