Black Mold Exposure and Removal

San Antonio Black Mold Removal

Black Mold Exposure and Its Remediation


Mold is types of fungi that self-replicate very quickly in warm and

humid areas. They are mostly found in houses and not only do they destroy the beauty of your house but they can also lead to deadly health disorders. There are different types of mold, out of them black mold is the most toxic kind that can easily grow and multiply in your home. Black mold spores can attach themselves to almost anything that they come in contact with. They can also spread through the air and travel throughout your home. If left untreated, black mold can cause a lot of severe health problems as well as destroy the building’s foundation.

Toxic mold is capable of entering the body through the mouth. Inhaling spores that black mold has released allows spores to lodge inside the body’s respiratory system. They can cause a variety of respiratory problems such as a sore throat, nasal congestion, nasal drip, asthma and cold or flu. The most life-threatening risk that mold cause is aspergillus; this forms fungi that live in the lungs and releases carcinogens that can lead to cancer.


Black mold can cause other serious health problems if its spores are inhaled directly. The following are some other health related complications and dangers black mold can cause.

– Eye irritation with burning, red or watery eyes

– Memory impairment

– Food intolerance

– Persistent coughing

– Body aches and fatigue

– Intense headache

– Skin rashes or irritation

– Immune system suppression

– Nose and throat irritation

– Mood swings

– Irritable bowel syndrome


Black mold feeds on whatever it is in touch with, gradually eroding the surface. Mold on leather wallets and jackets in humid closets can eat away the leather, thus destroying its appearance. It can cause dry rot in wooden beams, weakening it until it no longer supports the weight of the building. These fungi often spread in water pipes, behind the walls, and under the flooring, causing extensive damage before it is detected.

Black Mold Removal in Houston Tx

Mold contamination if untreated will increase over time as it replicates itself. As the quantity of mold increases, the danger for that particular building’s inhabitants also increases. Mold infected buildings are difficult to clean and mold eradication involves tearing out and replacing all the contaminated materials. This is performed by professionals and the process is often more expensive than the building itself. Infected houses and buildings may be deemed inhabitable and will lose their worth in the market. Small preventive measures can help in removing black mold.

Post Testing Mold Remediation Process


After the mold remediation process has been completed, it’s important that the areas are also tested to ascertain where the mold levels have gone down or not. The post testing that is done after the mold remediation process is over is extremely important. Samples are taken post mold remediation from both inside the premises as well as outdoors. Then these samples are compared with the samples taken prior to the mold remediation process. The mold remediation company will then ascertain whether the same amount of mold and spores are there or they have actually gone down.


The testing for post mold remediation process is done within 48 hours of the process. Most mold remediation companies also reserve the right to carry out the process in case they find that the levels haven’t gone down. The areas are tested for the live and the viable spores. Most companies will also give a 100% guarantee for the mold remediation or will give the money back. In fact, after the mold remediation process has been carried out, the levels of the mold and mildew in the premises would be far; lower than those that exist outside the premises.


Companies Give Guarantee


In fact, the companies also provide a one year guarantee that new mold will not appear after the mold remediation process has been carried out in the premises. The mold remediation companies also give quotes depending on the area that needs to be covered. These quotes aren’t provided on the websites. The clients need to call the mold remediation companies to get the quote for their premises. However, some conditions may be laid down by the mold remediation companies. These conditions would include that the homeowners have rectified the excess moisture conditions in the premises. Also, the guarantee excludes high moisture areas such as the bathroom and the shower areas.

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