Mold Abatement Cost

The Cost of Removing Mold: How Much You Might Need to Pay   Getting rid of mold is best done earlier rather than later. There are many different health and safety issues that usually come up when mold is present in a house; which is why it is important to be vigilant when members of […]

Cleaning Mold with Bleach

What Kills Mold? Bleach? A lot of people prefer using bleach over any other mold cleaning product; however, if you search the web or ask the experts, you would get mixed feedback about the success of using bleach to kill mold and mildews. One group of people believes that bleach does not kill mold whereas […]

The Importance of Mold Testing

 The Process of Checking for Mold Mold is usually no problem if it grows outside of your house. The problem starts when the fungus is found growing inside your home or within areas where people may get in close proximity to it. The damage that mold can have on property can be extensive if its […]

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