Cladosporium is one of the most common molds. It comes in collections of green, yellow or black spots. Usually, these spots spread faster if they are not gotten rid of with immediate effect. This mold is common in areas with great moisture.

So, one of the best ways to curb its infestation is to get rid of the moisture. Do not allow accumulation of stagnant water in or outside your house. Stagnant water just enhances the spread of Cladosporium.

It is so hard to see Cladosporium with your eyes. In fact, you will need a professional to identify this mold for you. The professional will have to use a reliable mold testing strategy. Once it has been identified correctly, the Cladosporium can now be removed safely.

Types of Cladosporium

It comes in different types of species. The species are at least 40 in number. They not only grow indoors but also outdoors. Indoors, these species can be found in the basement, on carpets, near faucets, upholstered furniture, under sinks, attics, and bathrooms. In outside environment, it is bound to be located on tree trunks, dead plants, and decaying trees.


Most Cladosporium species are not that hazardous to people. A handful of them has led to various dangerous effects. For that reason, it is always a good idea to get rid of any trace of Cladosporium from your house. Below are some of the negative effects associated with this mold:

Health effects

It causes a number of health problems. This is why it is very important to get rid of it as soon as possible. These health problems come with a lot of consequences that will definitely affect your immune system. Some of the most common health issues that can be caused by Cladosporium include asthma symptoms and allergies.

Others include sinus infections, skin problems, ear infections, and eye infections. These health effects are bound to expose you to some dire consequences such as dry skin, hives, sneezing, postnasal drip, watery eyes, and coughing.

Health problems such as sinusitis occur as a result of prolonged exposure to Cladosporium. It can be inhaled from the air hence causing sinus cavities. This results in effects such as sinus headaches, post nasal drip, and prolonged nasal congestion.

However, not everyone can fall prey to the health issues that are induced by it. The effects only affect people who are allergic to it. Those who are not allergic to this mold have a chance to avoid all those effects.

House damage

Molds are generally a nuisance when they start growing and developing in your house. They are so dangerous when people with allergic reactions come closer to them. This mold has its preferred places where they form in any house. Mostly they grow on carpets, under sinks, bathrooms, faucets, basements, attics and upholstered furniture.

Definitely those affected areas will have some yellow or brown spots to show how the damage caused. These spots can be prevented from spreading to other areas. However, this is an exercise that should be undertaken by a professional. If you are not aware of how to get rid of these molds then ask for help.

In fact, identify Cladosporium with your naked eyes is almost impossible. This calls for a specialized tool to help you identify if really your house has been infested with Cladosporium.

Air pollution

Cladosporium has a tendency of growing on dead plants, decaying trees, and tree trunks. Once they have grown there, they can get into the surrounding air hence polluting it.

Individuals who are allergic to this mold stand a chance of suffering from intense allergic reactions once they inhale the air. To keep your household members safe make, sure the area around your home is free from Cladosporium. You can call a professional to help you with the entire process of removing it.


Molds are always around us. Some of them are very friendly whereas others have a lot of negative effects not only to human beings but in the environment, they stay in.

One of these molds is Cladosporium. This mold is not only present outside your house but also inside. It has several dangerous effects that will jeopardize your health. You are required to get rid of this mold around you. If that is not the case then be ready for an impending disaster.

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