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Putt putt golf is entertaining and allows you to sharpen your golfing skills in a relaxed, wholesome environment. Also known as mini golf, it can be enjoyed by adults as well as kids.

Here, the sense of fun is paramount. Therefore, the main objective is always to have a great time. There are many amazing putt putt golf courses in Montgomery, Alabama. They are affordable and provide a collection of complementary fun activities.

These courses also provide fantastic backgrounds for photographs. Here, you can have a lot of fun and preserve the memories forever. Read on to discover the best courses for putt putt golf in Montgomery Alabama.

Longview Greens

This is the top putt putt golf course in Montgomery, Alabama. The course has a Texas theme throughout. It combines the cowboy lifestyle with miniature golfing.

The course is indoor and is designed to have all the characteristics of a regular outdoor golf course. For example, it has some water hazards to watch out for as you play.

The Longview Greens are lit appropriately. Thus, you can play comfortably during the day and at night as well. The staff is friendly and they keep the putt putt course clean at all times. Kids as well as adults can have a great time at the Longview Greens. It is a great spot for mini golf in Montgomery, Alabama.

Speedy’s Fast Track

This is the ultimate center for fun and games in Montgomery. Here, you can play mini golf on a fantastic course. There are other amazing activities which you can enjoy too such as pool tables, a game arcade as well as a laser tag course.

Situated on Hempstead Road, Speedy’s Fast Track charges competitive, affordable prices. The entire place is constructed for fun and games. It is clean and the staff is always ready to help. You can have a ton of fun playing putt putt golf at Speedy’s Fast Track and make lifetime memories.


This is a fantastic spot which combines putt putt golf with yummy treats. Palava is a mecca for fun and games in Montgomery. As a matter of fact, there is a 4-storey structure where the kids can enjoy a ton of games.

While they run and jump about, the adults can enjoy a game of mini golf. At Palava, you can play mini golf, send the kids to the play structure and enjoy some laser tag for only $20 all day!

Palava is ideal for kids of all ages and is situated at a convenient spot in the city.

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The Horseshoe Junction Family Fun Park

When it comes to enjoying time together as a family, The Horseshoe Junction Family Fun Park is a fantastic place to do so. The park contains all sorts of fun activities including putt putt golf.

There are also other activities such as go karts, bungee jumping, bumper cars and mountain climbing too. At The Horseshoe Junction Family Fun Park, you can enjoy a whole day of fun and games for only $20.

Each person can enjoy any 5 fun activities for this awesome price. The Horseshoe Junction Family Fun Park is ideal for all day fun with your friends or family.

Track 21 Indoor Karting

This is a great spot to enjoy some putt putt golf in Montgomery. At Track 21 Indoor Karting, you can play mini golf and also participate in some go kart racing.

At this fun and games location, you can also enjoy laser tag. Best of all, it provides all day tickets. This means that you can maximize on the activities here as a family or a group of friends.

A great feature of Track 21 Indoor Karting is that there’s a fantastic birthday room. It can be decorated according to your preference. As such, your kid can have their special day here with his or her friends while you enjoy a few rounds of mini golf.

Track 21 Indoor Karting is always bubbling with fun and enjoyment for all.


There are many awesome spots for putt putt golf in Montgomery Alabama. These are the best ones to visit. They are safe, well equipped, well-staffed and contain fantastic mini golf courses.

Furthermore, all of them are open from 9.00am to 6.000pm on Monday to Saturday! Whenever you are in Montgomery, pop into one of these locations and experience fun like never before!

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