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Mold versus Mildew: Mold Remediation in Detroit

It is common that among people there is confusion between the terms mold and mildew. These are terms that people usually use as synonyms because both are fungi known for develop in warm areas that have a lot of moisture, but in reality, each one has traits that differentiate them.

One way to differentiate them is thanks to their physical appearance. The mildew is usually white, gray or yellow and grows on surfaces of moist and warm areas. While its texture is spongy or powdery. However, mold tends to have a green or black appearance, and typically grows below the surface of anything that has gotten wet, so its texture is fuzzy or viscous.

Additionally, it is necessary to take into consideration that each one grows in different places, although what the trigger for its development are the warm and humid places, each one is usually found in different areas of the home or office. In the case of mildew, it usually appears on items of damp surfaces, especially after they get wet, but it can also be found on places with lots of humidity floors, walls or ceilings that tend to conserve that warm and wet environment, such as kitchens, basements and bathrooms. But when it comes about mold is often found in outdoor and indoor areas in the house that have gotten wet at such point, such as crawl spaces, sheds, boats,  and garages.

But the reality is that both have negative effects on our health and our spaces. People who is in contact with mildew may face headache and some breathing issues. Mildew can also harm the food it grows on, but in general don’t damage other surfaces even though we can see it in places like the floor or bathroom mirrors. On the other hand, when it comes to mold we must be much more careful because it can affect our health in a more harmful way. Mold is best known for damage structures in your house, and can even be found in vehicles, but when people is facing a black mold in their home they can expect reactions such as respiratory issues, heart problems, and migraines.  Finally, what makes mold so dangerous is that at an early stage it can be confused with a simple flu or another episode of allergies, but if the problem is not attacked in time it can negatively affect our health by developing other types of diseases.


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Mold Cleanup in Detroit: Know the Mold Exposure Symptoms

To better understand whether you’re a victim of mold exposure, first you’ve to understand its manifestations in humans. People who are exposed to mold spores may suffer from allergic symptoms such as itchy throat, runny nose, sneezing, wheezing, chest tightness and difficulty in breathing. Other allergic symptoms include stuffy sinuses, nasal congestion, itchy and watery eyes.   If you’re unfortunate enough to suffer from any of the above symptoms, you may be exposed to mold, and hence, your home requires immediate mold inspection by a qualified mold inspector in Detroit.

In Mold Removal Doctor we have experienced technicians in Detroit who are prepared and ready to attend to your worries of contamination, in a fast and efficient way.  Our team will be more than willing to come to your house at the most convenient time to test for it, and give you a way forward on how to eliminate it completely.

And although we know, some people are tempted to try to remove the mold by themselves, we must clarify that that’s a dangerous option, and should be left to skilled professionals. By doing it yourself, you may make the situation even worse by spreading the spores to other unaffected areas, and by exposing yourself plus other family members.

This could happen because you don’t have proper skills, tools and materials possessed by professionals to combat mold successfully.   If you feel that your home is infested, you should get an experienced mold inspector in Detroit to perform the inspection and testing.

Our remediation services will go a long way in helping you recover from such symptoms as quickly as possible. Our experts will make sure that the inspection, testing, remediation, and removal of the mold is complete and more worthy than the cost.   In addition, our technicians will take a moment to explain to you all the preventive options to avoid future infestation which I usually a consequence of incomplete remediation and removal.

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Black Mold: The Need for Mold Removal in Detroit

Black mold is a kind of toxic mold that is also known as Stachybotrys chartarum and is one of the most dangerous molds that can grow in your home. It’s a life-threatening mold which may affect you, your family and even your pets. It usually has a greenish black color and mostly grows separately from other species of mold.

In order to identify this mold in your house, it requires an accurate testing. Our experts can easily identify it by doing a proper testing specifically for this species.   In case you suspect that you may be cohabiting with this mold, it’s necessary that you call a group of experts who can immediately perform this kind of inspection and mold testing.

You shouldn’t hesitate to call us as our services are more affordable and reliable than other companies.  The reason why you should seek our services immediately is not only due to the dangers that this type of molds entail in your home, but also because our company can guarantee the best results at a low cost in the market.

Additionally, we must highlight that this type of mold is believed to release mycotoxins which can cause several symptoms in your body and brain.

The symptoms include:

·         Skin problems.

·         Mental impairment and neurological issues such numbness and tingling sensations.

·         Respiratory failure and unexplained persistent fatigue.

·         Eyesight problems.

·         Organ damage and death.

 As you can see, these symptoms are not specific to black mold exposure as they are found in other conditions. This may make you suspect about other conditions and not knowing that black mold is the culprit. Also, most of them are unexplained and have a sudden onset. If you suffer from any the symptoms, you shouldn’t shy away from consulting your physician immediately. However, to completely eliminate them, you have to remove the mold.

Another reason why you should have this type of mold from your house is to prevent the structural damage in causes. Mold usually disintegrates the surface where it grows on and if left unchecked, it can cause enormous damage to the building materials and furniture in your house. In fact, it does this silently hence you might know when it’s eating away the structures.  

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Mold Abatement in Detroit and Its Effects on the Market

Many people underestimate the problems that mold can cause, and while not all are toxic, for health measures it is essential to take care that our home is in the best health conditions to avoid problems in the future, both at home and in the family. In fact, in the real estate market, houses with the presence of mold usually lose some value in the market. Mold can affect our lives in many ways, not only at the health level. For this reason it is important to check our spaces and in the case of finding traits of mold attack the problem immediately to prevent it from spreading.

Experts in the area assure that it is best to perform annual checkups with specialists to ensure that you live in a healthy environment. However, in the case of looking for a new home it is always important to ask to the owners if they have had mold problems in the past, and when it was the last time they made a mold test, finally after purchasing the house it is always advisable to do a test with a professional to ensure that is free of mold.

We know that the prices in the market at the time of carrying out this type of processes can scare you at first instance, but in Mold Removal Dr. we guarantee the best prices in comparison to our competition in Detroit and other states, besides we offer you results par excellence.

So, the golden question, why choose us? At Mold Removal Dr. we take care of training each of our specialists, in order to offer optimal and effective work to our clients. We invest in the best equipment and we are always updated in the latest trends that exist in the market regarding how to remove the mold in the spaces we inhabit in the most effective way. Finally, for us, the most important thing is the welfare of the family or the people who inhabit a space, for which our specialists offer advice on the subsequent care after performing this type of process to prevent the reappearance of the mold.

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