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The Cost of Removing Mold: How Much You Might Need to Pay


Getting rid of mold is best done earlier rather than later.

There are many different health and safety issues that usually come up when mold is present in a house; which is why it is important to be vigilant when members of the household start having recurring symptoms of allergies and other respiratory ailments. 

While a lot of people, mistakenly, take the presence of mold for granted, it cannot be denied that it is basically easy to get rid of a small colony of mold which can be seen on the bathroom wall.

You will just need some protective gear such as a breathing mask or respirator, good gloves, eye protection and protective clothing that you can get rid of or wash properly after use. The use of common and readily available cleaning supplies is also necessary to get a thorough clean.

Protective gear such as the respirator and eye protection can cost anywhere from $10 to $20 for both, if you’re not picky. Long sleeved clothing and long pants should be in your closet but you can also go for the hazmat-like ensemble which can set you back around $150, including the gloves, respirator and the goggles.

Please do bear in mind that DIY mold remediation cost is nothing compared to getting actual professionals to do the job. In spite of the big difference, the thoroughness and the skill with which mold remediation experts do their job will also guarantee that your home may literally be mold free for months, maybe even years, to come. 

When to Call In the Professionals

Some home owners hesitate to call professional mold remediation experts because they are afraid of how much their services may cost. DIY clean ups are only good for isolated and easily accessible mold growths.

If you suspect, or have actually seen, large colonies of the fungus in your home but cannot pinpoint or reach where they may be, it is best to get a specialist to give your home a thorough test. Experts from reputable companies will now which areas of the house are prone to mold growth as well as know the signs of possible infestations in areas which are not visible.

Places that are prone to mold growth will be check and maybe even opened to enable the expert to have an actual look at the space. Most, if not all, types of mold love damp, dark places to grow and thrive. Under floorboards, in between the walls, bathrooms, ceilings, attics and basements are prime real estate for this fungus. 

There are several signs that there may be mold in your home. It is important that you are aware of these signs so you will be able to manage and control the presence of the fungus.

One of the primary things to look out for is discoloration in areas which are usually exposed to dampness or water.

Bathrooms and kitchens, which have faucets and water sources, have heavier humidity than other rooms in the house; it is best to be more vigilant in these areas.

This is not to say that you should be lax in taking notice of discoloration in other areas, a leak from the roof can contribute to mold populations in your ceiling or your attic. Flooding or water seepage can also be a factor for mold colonies to thrive in flooring, carpeting or the space under your house.

The Cost of Abatement


Mold abatement cost will vary depending on the size of the colony and the number of areas infested by the fungus. For example, the space under the house is prone to infestation because of its proximity to the ground and moisture.

A small infestation will likely cost somewhere above $500 to remove and rehabilitate. Removal of the mold necessitates the use of specialized equipment that can ensure the safety and health of the professional as well as the occupants of the house.

Since this particular fungus uses spores to spread, it is imperative to prevent the spores from being inhaled and spreading to other areas of the house during removal. A special vacuum may be used to harness possible spores and prevent their spread.

The rehabilitation process involves removing the housing material that is infected by the fungus, replacing it and getting rid of the infected material in a safe manner. 

If other areas of the building have mold, the cost may balloon up to several thousands of dollars. In many cases, home owners who are first timers in suspecting they have mold in the house may have noticed the fungus quite late in the game.

This means, it may have had time to spread to other areas of the house. Exposure to flooding or leaking may also increase the possibility of having mold in the building. 

The size of the home can affect mold removal cost. A large house that has a few bedrooms, bathrooms and a second floor can fetch up to $30,000 in remediation cost, especially if it is an old house which may have been exposed to water seepage, flooding, rain and snow over the decades. This is especially true if the house has never been checked before for the presence of mold. 

In this regard, it is always a good idea to compare prices and services if the cost is a bit high. Mold remediation companies usually do not mind the comparison since they deal with such large costs.

Some things to bear in mind when comparing companies include, but are not limited to, what services are included, the guarantee that the company gives regarding recurrence of mold, the quality of their work and their reputation.

When it comes to the reputation of a mold remediation company, always go for the more experienced group that has been removing mold for several years already. You can always get recommendations from their clients or search for comments and reactions in the internet regarding the quality of their work and their relationship with their clients. 

Helping with the Cost


While some insurance companies are wary with regards to houses that have not been inspected for mold, there are some that will recommend an accredited company to check and help assess the situation of the building. Getting insurance that will cover mold in your home may seem far-fetched but there are always unforeseen circumstances when it may be a good idea to be covered for infestations.

If you need an estimate, check out the Mold Remediation Cost Calculator to see what it may cost in your area.

The earlier you consult mold remediation experts, the earlier you are on your way to a healthier and safer home environment. At the very first sign or suspicion of an infestation, do not hesitate to contact or consult a reputable firm and shop around for a company that fits your needs. 

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