Estimation of Mold Remediation Cost

How Much is it Going to Cost to Remove Mold from my House or Business?


Mold infestation at home or in the office is not a pleasant experience to live with. There are many repercussions for continuously living with this conditions. The harshest consequences happen to be health related.

Living with mold infestation can bring about chest conditions and may also trigger heavy allergens which are hard to tackle. These are only some of the reasons why the mold remediation process should be carried out.

Factors Affecting Cost of Mold Remediation

After a person makes a decision to get rid of the mold in their house or office area, they then need to know the cost of this important process. The very first thing to keep in mind is the fact that mold remediation cost varies greatly.

There are a few factors that will affect this process:

• The service package that a client may have requested plays a role in the price.

• The size of the space also matters and the severity of the infestation

• The number or rooms being worked on

The two places where mold infestation is common may cost more than normal space. The attic and the basement are a common mold infestation area.

Mold testing will also affect the price especially if the same company is conducting the mold remediation process.
The above are just some of the factors that will affect the price for this process.

The Cost Range of the Remediation Process

As earlier stated, the cost varies very highly, depending on the above factors which shall be discussed in length. In a nutshell, cost will vary from about $500 to a whopping $6000. For normal spaces, the maximum normally reaches about $4000 but when the two prevalent spaces are included, the cost may rise by about $2000 making the total cost reach up to $6000 o the upper side.

Cost Factors Explained

1. Involving a tester:

In theory, it seems possible to skip calling the mold tester and just get on with the mold remediation process. In truth however, a hiring a mold tester can be very important. This is because, a mold tester will find out the amount of spores within the air or the space, and recommend what should be done about the spore level present.

They may also include the estimation cost of mold remediation. Most mold remediation companies have the mold testing services and equipment, hence making this a plus. This is bound to increase mold remediation cost.

2. The severity, number of rooms and size of the space:

If the levels of the spore in the air are low, a person can get rid of the mold by themselves. They can purchase a respirator and some cleaning materials and get the work done. A simple respirator, over the nose and mouth will cost about $25, a full face respirator about $150.

The supplies will also not cost much.
If the space is large and the mold infestation severe, a person will need to dig deeper into their pockets and get some good mold remediation services.

Depending on the company, the cost should range from $500-$4000.

3. Attic and basement:

These are two special places which will more often than not require the services of mold remediation companies. In these cases, additional costs will be acquired, but it is all worth it so as to have a healthy home or office space. For these spaces, the additional cost is about $2000 on top of any other cost. So if your initial cost was $500, in addition to the two rooms, the cost will be $2500. If the cost was $4000, then the additional cost makes it %6000. These rooms are usually the highest culprits when it comes to mold infestation because of their construction and storage nature.

Here is a good Guide by Home Advisor for Mold Removal Cost Calculator – which is on our site. Click here for another example of Mold Abatement Costs

Total costs

With everything taken into consideration, the cost will most definitely go up. What with involving a tester, counting the number of rooms, the size of the building and more, mold remediation cost will range from about $10000 to about $30000. This cost will also vary, depending on the company hired and the quality delivered.

In conclusion

The costs are just a rough idea of what one may need for this activity. It could be higher or lower, but the average is as stated.

A person who needs these services should be vigilant in looking for a cost effective company which is sure to deliver good results. It can be a pity to spend so much and find out that the problem still persists as it was previously.

If you are living in an area where mold is frequent, then one needs to consider things like insurance to cover such costs.

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