Most Effective Mold Remediation Products

Best Mold Removal Products

Many people take mold or fungus very lightly. They often don’t consider it as a serious issue, unless it grows big, start smelling and causing health problems. There are adverse effects of not having mold removal done quickly.

It could lead to unwanted health issues and some of these symptoms consist of allergies, asthma, and other respiratory problems.

Where Does Mold Grow?

As we all know that most of the mold growth takes place inside a wall or floor cavities.

Typically, they are not visible and it becomes hard to determine the extent of its growth and origin. It requires proper inspection, assessment, and removal to avert any kind of future growth.

Sometimes, it is difficult to detect the growth, as it can be right under your carpet, behind the wallpaper, in grout, or dry wall or even hiding invisibly in HVAC systems.

How is it Removed?

The process of eradicating mold from home can be successfully achieved by utilized several techniques. One of the techniques is dehumidification which involves the use of dehumidifiers.

This can be effective but it may not completely kill the molds. Another technique is the use of mold removal products. These can be either organic products which are environment-friendly and are easily available at home.

Organic mold removal products include baking soda and vinegar. The other kind of mold removal products is commercial products which have chemicals for killing mold.

In this article, I will look at the best products which are currently used and can effectively eradicate mold from your home.

The following products are arranged from Best to Worst so scroll down the page to find the BEST product for your needs.


1.  Concrobium Mold Control (BEST)

Concrobium is an EPA- registered product which kills mold on any surface. It eliminates existing mold and odor together with preventing further regrowth. It is an effective product if you want to prevent any future mold regrowth.

It is available as mold Control Spray, Mold control Aerosol, mold Stain Eraser and other formulations. This solution contains no ammonia, VOCs or bleach.

Second BEST

2. MoldSTAT Plus (VERY GOOD)

This is another EPA-registered product which is highly effective in mold removal. It’s affordable to many homeowners and can be the best alternative to bleach. It can kill mold and bacteria from many surfaces such as bathroom, sporting equipment, walls, and carpets. To use this product, mix one and half tablespoon of MoldSTAT Plus with one gallon of water.

Apply the mixture to the mold infested surfaces and let it soak for 10 minutes. Wipe it together with the mold until the surface is clean. This product has a neutral scent and removes mold without bleaching the surfaces.


3. Foster 40-80

This is a commercial product which is available in the market. Foster 40-80 can successfully remove many types of mold, bacteria, and fungi. This product is used by professionals for commercial use as it comes in five-gallon containers hence uneconomical for homeowners.

It is an EPA-approved disinfectant which is ready-to-use when you buy it. It is usually used as a final resort for mold removal. It can remove mold from non-porous, semi-porous, and porous materials.

 Bleach (Worst)

Bleach is the most used mold removal product as it is easily available and affordable. According to Centers for Disease Control (CDC), using bleach can effectively remove mold from many surfaces but not porous ones.

If you mix one cup of household bleach with a gallon of water, you can successfully remove several types of mold from non-porous surfaces. However, bleach doesn’t kill all types of mold and its fumes can exacerbate breathing problems like asthma.

Vinegar and Baking soda

If you want to go green, then Vinegar and baking soda are a good choice. Vinegar is less toxic than bleach and can be used to remove mold from many surfaces. A mixture of vinegar and baking soda is effective in eradicating black mold and doesn’t release toxic fumes in the air.

To use this method, you simply mix a cup of vinegar with a couple of tablespoons of baking soda and use the mixture with a scrub brush to clean surfaces infested with mold.


Borax is still used to remove mold, as it is less toxic than mold and can successfully remove mold from porous surfaces. To use this product, you need to mix a solution of borax and water in a spray bottle and then spray the colonized surface.

Allow the mixture to soak on the surface for like 15 minutes then wipe it off together with the mold. You can repeat the process to completely remove the mold.

There are other many commercial products for mold removal such as


which is specifically for mold removal after water damage. Choose a product is safe and effective against the type of mold you want to kill.

Bleach will not kill mold inside porous surfaces so you have to use another alternative.

Commercial products should be selected with caution as there are some with toxic chemicals.

Precautions when Handling

Mold Remediation Products

It is important that you take some precaution measures when handling the above-discussed products since some of them are toxic and can bleach. Wear personal protective equipment like gloves, goggles, and gumboots to avoid exposure to them.

Do not handle bleach if you have respiratory conditions like asthma.

Another precaution measure is ensuring that the room is well ventilated during the application process.

Make sure that you read and follow all the directions of use. The directions also will guide you on how to do when exposed to the products.

These products may not be as effective as their manufacturers suggest. Sometimes the mold may be stubborn to remove. The mold also may have produced spores which remain suspended in the air.

These spores continue growing and affecting people hence it’s necessary that you call professionals to deal with them. They will come with special equipment to completely remove them and also do some mold testing in other areas.

Make sure that you choose the best professionals if you can’t do it yourself.

They can be found online.

Read customer reviews which may give you some ideas whether they are reliable and experienced.

Once you find the best company, contact the company to get a quote before the process begins.

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