Mold Removal : What You Really Need to Know

Mold Removal: What you need to Understand

We all know that mold, especially black mold, is dangerous to human beings. The inhalation, ingestion and, sometimes, even just skin contact with it can result to an allergic reaction or worse. Aside from the dangers that this fungus represents to people, their colonies can also cause serious damage to property if left unnoticed or unchecked. The fact that colonies are often found in dark, hard to reach places near unknown water sources just underlines the importance of actively keeping an eye out for signs of their presence. Mold removal often becomes a priority for most home owners when they learn that there is a colony in their homes. The need for immediate action is understandable and we are always ready to book appointment or a consultation at your most convenient time.

Experts at Work

At our company, we have professionals who are experienced and well trained in the different aspects of the industry. Our experts know how to conduct themselves in a client’s property to ensure that everything is above board, straight forward and safe. Upon your request, we can assess your property and do some mold testing in order to confirm any elevated presence of mold. The fact of the matter is that mold can be anywhere at any given time and place. This is especially true for residences and buildings which may be older and more exposed to moisture through the climate of the state.

Mold testing is vital in pinpointing areas where mold may be more concentrated. A higher concentration of the fungus means that the colony may be bigger and may have a higher risk of bringing harm to the people in the structure. Once our experts are positive of the presence of the fungus, we can work out a plan with you, the home owner, with regards to mold removal, remediation and restoration.

The removal of the fungus means that any porous material that is contaminated will need to be taken out and disposed of safely. In some cases, remediation can be done if the colony can be handled with the right cleaning materials and techniques. For many home owners, remediation may be less costly and less of a hassle than actually removing the materials from the house but the extent of the colonization may dictate otherwise. Colonies that grow in non-porous materials may be cleaned up effectively and thoroughly enough with the use of special cleansers and chemicals as well as our effective cleaning techniques. On the other hand, when porous materials, such as wood, drywall and fabric are colonized by mold; cleaning may not be effective in removing the very last vestiges of the colony. Removing the part of the wall or flooring may be necessary to ensure that the colony is eliminated.

Our experts will only recommend what is best for your property and the people who live there. Whether it is a thorough clean up for smaller and more manageable mold colonies or the actual removal of parts of your property that have been infested too much by a large colony; rest assured that we follow safe steps to keep the mold from spreading to another area of the building. Containing the discovered colony is a priority so that when removal is performed, there is a minimal risk of the spores spreading to another area. We also check and recheck the area for any other growths or colonies that may be present. Since some places where mold grow are difficult to reach, mold removal is a good opportunity for exploration and visual inspection of the vicinity.

Disposal and Prevention

After our experienced workers remove the mold, rest assured that they have also been trained how to dispose of the infested materials properly. Aside from disposal, we can also restore all or part of the material which was removed. The restoration is usually part of the service quote that we will present to you upon your request for an assessment. We will also recommend ways and means to prevent the return of mold to area where we worked on as well as other preventive measures for other areas of your house. One of the ways of preventing a large colony of mold is to ensure that your house does not have any leaks or other unwanted sources of water. The levels of moisture can be measured and we can seek out possible leaks and recommend how to fix them.

Do not delay in contacting our team of efficient and well trained experts with your mold problems. We will meet your mold removal needs and help get rid of this threat to you and your family’s health and safety.

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